Chiller replacement

East Surrey NHS Chiller Replacement.

The Project

The project involved the installation of three high-efficiency packaged air-cooled chillers, and CFES’s expertise in HVAC systems ensured a smooth installation process. The primary chilled water pumps were organized into two phases. Phase 1 served specific areas such as Theatres 5 and 6 and the Pathology Lab, while Phase 2 covered all areas to the east of the boiler house, with future expansion plans to cater to Operating Theatres 1-4.


The Aermec 650 kW new high-efficiency packaged air-cooled chillers utilized a smart solution, guaranteeing optimal functionality for the hospital. These chillers are equipped with a high-efficiency scroll compressor and advanced software for precise control and monitoring capabilities. Additionally, the unique microchannel heat exchanger design in the Aermec chillers ensures maximum efficiency with minimal refrigerant charge, resulting in reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

A key advantage of the Aermec chillers is their environmentally friendly approach to cooling. The microchannel heat exchanger technology reduces refrigerant usage by up to 50%, contributing to a lowered carbon footprint of the chillers. The high efficiency of the chillers also leads to reduced energy consumption, resulting in significant energy savings for the hospital.


By providing effective chiller replacement solutions, CFES has not only improved uptime and reduced maintenance costs but also helped protect patients, staff, and medical equipment. CFES ensures that the replacement process is seamless and efficient, with a commitment to delivering exceptional results for healthcare facilities.