Spire Cambridge Hospital Chiller Replacement

Engineering solution:

CFES’s solution

The estate management of Spire Cambridge Hospital collaborated with CFESs team which resulted in comprehensive assessment and recommendation of the optimal new chiller replacement options. Having served the facility for several years existing chillers were determined to be in need of retirement and replacement with new, more efficient models.

Expanding the existing chiller compound was necessary to accommodate the installation of the new chillers. To effectively serve the new system, CFES’s team added two additional chiller rooms and replaced the existing pumps whilst incorporating new ones. Modifications were made to the existing control panel to align with the specifications of the new chillers.

New chiller system

The integration of the new chillers has resulted in significantly improved efficiency, reliability, and performance compared to their predecessors. The enhanced cooling capacity now enables the hospital to maintain a comfortable and precisely controlled indoor environment for patients, visitors, and medical staff. These advanced chillers also feature a redesigned structure that utilizes refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), aligning perfectly with the hospital’s commitment to sustainability.

The new chillers and system upgrade has substantially reduced the hospital’s energy consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings. The improved efficiency has not only contributed to lower energy bills but has also positively impacted the hospital’s productivity and sustainability efforts.